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About Us

Dalih Suchet is a long term care insurance specialist and holds the professional designation Certified in Long-Term Care Insurance (CLTC) and Certified Long-Term Care Planner (LTCP). To add the best long-term care insurance coverage to your retirement plan, it’s beneficial to work with a specialist. We assess your needs in the area of Long-Term Care Insurance planning to bring a range of quality long term care insurance companies and plan designs that meet your budget. We specialize in both asset based long term care plans and traditional long term care insurance.

Dalih believes there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to planning and customized solutions is her approach to building a meaningful Long-Term Care Insurance Plan.

What We Do:
• Represent all major Long-term care insurance companies for traditional long-term care insurance
• Represent all major insurance companies for long term care hybrid products; Long term care annuity and long term care life insurance
• Licensed insurance agent in 49 states

Services We Offer:
• Comprehensive Market Surveys
• Audits of current coverage
• Individual consultations
• On-going support
• Claims handling assistance

What's Special About The Way We Help You:
• We have been providing Long-term care planning services for over 18 years
• We start with a comprehensive market survey so you get the right coverage at the right price
• We take an educational approach. We want clients to understand all their options
• We specialize in creative plan design to meet the special needs of you and your family


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